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How do you apply your makeup? Using your finger or makeup tools? If you want to pay more attention to the finer details of your makeup, then using your finger is the best tool. However, the humble makeup brush has been going through many new innovations in recent years. With fewer models using bristles and moving towards a softer makeup sponge like material, makeup brushes can now create a less powdery, more even, natural look. A professional makeup brush set should contain at least 15 different brushes. Rosegal’s professional foundation brush, can be used with liquid or cream foundation and also with powder foundation for an even coverage. Each bristle diameter is only 0.06mm, the bristles are dense and strategically placed to reduce powder marks. Use the brush to dab on large pore areas for a more natural powder coverage. Be the stunning beauty with the picture-perfect eye makeup wherever you are. With our best makeup brushes, get the right amount of shades to match your attire. It’s easy to hide your flaws and be the glamorous queen even in your casuals. Experiment with the various shades of eyeshadow and let your eyelashes have all the compliments. However, spotless effect comes only with the real shine from a concealer. One of the effective way to have a energetic look is to put on fake eyelashes. Rosegal has the best fake eyelashes, which is nature, soft and easy to carry. Let Rosegal tell you how to put on fake eyelashes. It seems difficult, but with our eyelash extension tweezers and fake eyelashes with glue, you can simply stick them to your eye line. Pick the best cheap makeup brush sets from our collection to turn all heads and be the star girl!

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