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  • I purchased these really cute shoes on Rosegal,they arrived on time, they are in the color Apricot, they fit perfectly, even though at first i was confused on trying to close the strap but after a few tries i got it!! they are very comfortable and i really love them, thank you Rosegal!! <3
  • Color:APRICOT Size:38
  • Weight:0.00Lbs Height:5' 2" Bust size:32C Body Shape:Hourglass Overall Fit:True to Size


  • This shoes are beautiful but not comfy at all! I wore them in a dinner out and i regreted wearing them 30 minutes after! They are not meant for walking. I recomend buying them if you are going to move by car. Beautiful shoes but they are ment just for show!!!
  • Color:APRICOT Size:37
  • Weight:0.00Lbs Height:4' 6" Bust size:32AA Body Shape:Hourglass Overall Fit:True to Size

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