By Cristian Aug-02/2017 03:08:23
Q: Hola, Queria saber d q pais de origen viene esta chaqueta. Gracias.

Hi Cristian,
Thank you for your message.

We are located in China.

Let us know if you have any further queries.

By Ash Feb-04/2017 08:02:31
Q: I request a extrasmall or small in this jacket, anyway to special order it, I dont see it on the choices

Hi Ash,
We do not have S or XS of this item, sorry.

By C Fitzgerald Jan-14/2017 02:01:31
Q: Does the jacket have any inside pockets. If yes, how many?

Hello C,
Outside the clothes there are two pockets, built a stealth pocket, total of three pockets .

Thanks for your inquiry.

By Dillon Jan-11/2017 05:01:50
Q: this may sound like a stupid question but i cant really tell from the picture but does this jacket have side pockets?

Hello Dillon,

Yes, it has side pockets.

Thanks for your inquiry.

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