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By Daphne Oct-20/2017 02:10:49
Q: Are there any regular sizes coming for these hooded dresses? Thanks.
A: <p>Hi Daphne,<br/>Please check the related measurements indicated on the product page. Under the product description you can see find a size chart.<br/>You need to choose the item size according to your own measurements (in cm or inches).</p>
By Angela Oct-17/2017 02:10:03
Q: When is it estimated product will arrive to Swansea MA if ordered today? ?
A: <p>Hi Angela,</p><p>Thank you for your inquiry. <br/>Once we receive your payment we will need 2-7 business days to process your order. Once we have shipped the order, you can use these estimations: <br/>1) Expedited Shipping: Around 3-7 working days<br/>2) Standard Shipping: Between 7-10 working days<br/>3) Flat Rate Shipping: Between 10-25 working days </p>
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