Customer Questions for: Fashionable Scoop Collar Balloon Girl Print Chiffon Women's Tank Top

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Q: Does this come in XS?
By   Renee Jun-29/2015 10:06:20
A: Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that it is Asian size on our site and we advise you to refers to  the specific measurement or the size cart on the item(s) below product information.  It is convenient for you to check the measurement by converting CM intoINCH. There is a CONVERTER below the Description. You can convert CM into INCH. For your reference, please note that 1 inch= 2.54cm so you can convert the size accurately. The size we have is L and XL.
Q: Is this item available in medium or small? Is only allows me to click on XL or L
By Flowerlady Jun-02/2015 03:06:25
A: Many thanks for your recent inquiry. Sorry to tell you that the sizes on line are what the sizes we have. For this item we don't have size medium or small.
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