One-piece Women Long Plush Fur Coat - 3xl


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Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL

Bust:37,Length:22.8,Shoulder Width:15,Sleeve Length:21.7,Weight:0.4.(In inches) Bust:38.6,Length:23.6,Shoulder Width:15.4,Sleeve Length:22,Weight:0.5.(In inches) Bust:40.2,Length:24,Shoulder Width:15.7,Sleeve Length:22.4,Weight:0.5.(In inches) Bust:41.7,Length:24.4,Shoulder Width:16.1,Sleeve Length:22.8,Weight:0.5.(In inches) Bust:43.3,Length:24.8,Shoulder Width:16.5,Sleeve Length:23.2,Weight:0.5.(In inches) Bust:44.9,Length:25.2,Shoulder Width:16.9,Sleeve Length:23.6,Weight:0.5.(In inches)


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