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  • rosegal

    Twin Set

    Aug-19/2015 21:45:45

    Okay, so here's an honest review. It honestly fit perfectly (size small-110 lbs/5'4"). I was really excited to order this for my birthday. When I saw it, along with 2 other items, fit into my small mail box- I was immediately scared. The stitching was falling off the skirt in the bag prior to even opening it. The material is similar to that of a book sock, in regards to the skirt. The top elastic on this piece reminded me of a scrunchie, and the pattern is some sort of ambiguous animal print that would be worn on the Jersey Shore. The picture made this outfit to appear to be cotton, when it is in fact polyester. The outfit as a whole is transparent. If you're into that, then this is the outfit for you. If the top was cotton, I would wear it, but it is this really nasty polyblend material that reeks of chemicals. So in a nutshell, if this outfit was 100% different I would gladly wear it, but it is what it is and now I'll have to buy something else. Happy birthday to me. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Very Happy!

    Apr-08/2016 00:31:41

    I bought this outfit because I was looking for the Kim Kardashian black skirt.
    It\'s almost the same as the picture but it\'s a little wider at the feet than the Kim K photo.
    In my picture I made a knot in the back of the skirt. That\'s why it looks really slim.
    (I also made a knot in the front of the shirt)
    I am very happy with the outfit and it\'s very comfortable! Everything is stretch material.
    I do think an extra small would have been better because it would be a bit tighter. But what I got is fine too!
    I\'m going to wear this a lot this summer! [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Jul-15/2015 01:44:21

    The skirt came true to size and is a perfect fit. The pattern on the skirt is a little different but its not super obvious. The halter top fits nice but is a little see through. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Love this!!!

    Jun-13/2015 03:38:51

    I absolutely love this outfit. It fits me perfect and looks great! The material is smooth and also silky. Very comfortable and beautiful! [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Feb-06/2018 01:31:15

    package 2 did not show up with items, not too impressed with how everything was handled and there was a $35 delivery fee for the 1st package [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Apr-04/2016 04:13:41

    It arrived earlier than I thought it would. It fit perfectly and it is the softest material. I will enjoy this outfit :) [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    es un conjunto tal cual como lo dijo la página.

    Mar-17/2018 23:32:20

    es muy ligera, bonita y cómoda. me llegó a la semana pero fue por paquetería express [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Loyal island girl

    Feb-15/2016 10:20:58

    How stunning is this piece?Jaw dropping if you ask me I absolutely love it!Thank you again [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Apr-06/2018 06:57:51

    love the skirt. this is exactly what I wanted and for the right price. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Jun-04/2015 00:19:43

    it's absolutely beautiful, fits perfectly xx [ Expand ]