Blue Kimono

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  • rosegal

    Good Buy

    Dec-04/2015 12:22:51

    It was a little longer than I thought but I'm also very petite. Will definitely keep you warm. Very cute. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Stiff and starchy

    Sep-30/2015 17:09:42

    Hope this softens after a few washes because it's stiff and starchy. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Mar-13/2018 18:05:31

    exactly like photo, quite long, but really like, [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Jan-15/2016 05:46:16

    This is a very nice sweater had great remarks on it [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Nov-11/2016 03:30:48

    Love this sweater - I added some snaps at the collar and wear a turtleneck with it. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Loved it

    Feb-10/2017 10:16:32

    It is colorful, light, and fit just right. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Verry good!!

    Nov-12/2015 14:27:57

    Like a photo [ Expand ]