Preppy Style Dress

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  • rosegal


    Sep-15/2016 13:17:56

    Love this dress. It\'s really good product. Ture to size. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Jul-30/2015 00:58:18

    For me personally, this dress was way too low cut, it went past my bust and down to my ribs. I am going to sew it to make it more wearable to me. The skirt fabric is pretty stiff, but sill cute. For me also, the dress was a little short (not too much, but enough to make me consciously aware of it). Overall, the dress looks really nice and put-together. :) [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Oct-11/2018 10:12:07

    Skirt fabric is a bit more to the plastic side. Very pretty - no doubt... but I found it hard to iron. Also isn\'t very breathable. [ Expand ]