Plus Size Empire Dress

Have you ever wondered how that curvy lady in the corner looks so good? Look no further than to Rosegal’s range of current Plus Size Empire Dress, which will guarantee to make heads turn and hearts tremble. A real revolution of fashion is underway. We believe everyonel can be a fashionista, even you are curly. We provide the unique current Plus Size Empire Dress as well as plus size empire dress and more for curves. So no worry on sizes.

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  • rosegal


    Jul-17/2017 20:31:46

    I received this dress on time for what was told to me on how long it would take.
    The material is good, not cheap, breathable.
    It is well sticted together, well made!
    I was very very very satisfied with the way it fit me!!!
    I wear between a 20 and 22 depending on the cut of the clothing. This was very much a size 22! I had plenty of room! I was worried about it possibly being too tight, because I had ordered from sites like this before and was not able to wear the clothing item.
    I totally adore this dress!!!!
    Btw, they have another dress like this and a bathing suit!!!
    I am so happy with this purchase!!!
    Thank you Rosegal!!! [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    The dress is great!

    Aug-08/2018 02:27:22

    I love how it looks on it has a very nice flow it hangs off the body very nicely!
    This fun fanasty outfit is a excellent super cos play dress for halloween or just for a fun random photoshoot!
    I really liked it was bigger otherwise it would be way to short and ride up in areas in back and front to much!
    This dress can be worn many different ways over pants over a skirt or shorts. You could even wear it over your favourite
    beach bunny bathing suit! [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Feb-21/2018 00:43:12

    The dress has beautiful pattern, and is flattering. It is more suited for someone who is bigger on the top than the hips; it is not my case so as a result, the dress doesn\'t flow as I would have liked. I ended up giving it to my daughter who is a little taller than me and has a D bust and smaller hips than mine and it fits her perfectly.
    Also, I find the lining too short; when I walked, it slips up and I find myself constantly pulling it down.

    Other than that, the color and the pattern of the dress are beautiful.
    Consider buying one size up. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Perfect fit!

    Aug-05/2017 02:39:10

    I normally wear a 24 bottom 22 top. 46 C makes it really difficult to buy dresses. I went with a 4x as it was closest to my bust size inches. The bottom is so flared out that it fits perfect with leggings and i dont need a cami or anything under it. The top is super soft and the strings allow for a full coverage or if you tighten them it scrunches down to show cleavage. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Robe boheme

    May-04/2019 00:42:44

    Trrs belle robe qui tombe parfaitement bien au niveau carrure mais qui est trop longue. Je mesure 1m65 et la robe traine par terre. Je vais la faire reprendre par une couturière pour pouvoir la porter sans etre obligée de mettre des chaussures a haut talon car c\'est ine robe style bohème qui peut se porter avec des sandales plates et là c\'est impossible. [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    Love it!

    Sep-28/2017 18:07:00

    This dress was a bit of a risk for me and the conservative office I work in, but I loved wearing it. It is comfortable and fun! I am slightly on the tall side and the sides of the dress are too short for my comfort (don\'t even hit halfway down my thigh). So I paired it with black leggings and it was just perfect! Can\'t wait to wear it on a date! [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    So happy!

    Jul-12/2017 18:58:29

    I love it, love it, love it! It looks just like the pictures, fits great, and is super comfy. It holds a nice form without squeezing me at all and the rippling shape to skirt means that I don\'t really have to worry about flashing anyone, even though the sides come up quite high. Super happy with this purchase ^_^ [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    LUV IT

    Aug-17/2017 21:44:57

    I was expecting it to be a lil short since some people said was, but im a lil shorter and it fits so good. luv thatcan adjust it near the bust for your bust size. I reccomend this top! It also feels really good and cant wait to wear it out in public!!!!! [ Expand ]

  • rosegal

    sukienka w kwiaty

    Jul-31/2018 10:07:30

    sukienka jest super, materiał przewiewny, lekki, z uwagi na fakturę i gumki lekko sie naciąga, cudowna na lato,
    moje wymiary to biust 119, pas 95, biodra 105, wzrost 160 cm [ Expand ]

  • rosegal


    Jun-28/2019 23:30:18

    I love this dress so much! It is REALLY short on the sides though, so it is a good thing I had already planned on wearing black leggings underneath! :) The top did crush my breasts a little bit though, so I did an alteration and added a V of fabric in the underarm seam and it is perfect now! [ Expand ]