Embroidery Long Sleeve Dress

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  • rosegal

    Awesome Dress

    Feb-27/2019 04:48:36

    I received the dress via USPS on February 26th, 2019. I would say, I am more than pleased with this dress. The dress is actually more beautiful than in the picture! The colors are vibrant and well made, and the embroidery is very finely and intricately placed. I love the pink flowers of the dress, which are of a lovely peachy shade! The red flowers on the belt are ravishing. As for off the shoulder, it is indeed so, but in a way that in quite tasteful: edgy, yet classy, and by no means immodest. However, I would state that the bust was indeed large for me. I believe it's because I am a pear shape, and therefore have a small chest in relation to the rest of my body. Therefore, I actually would need to wear a safety pin to keep the dress afloat. That being said, there is no issue with that: it's more my anatomy, than the actual dress itself. The other qualm is the zipper, which is a little bit fussy, and difficult to zip both upward and downward. That being said, I have an inclination that it merely is because it's a new dress, and will get simpler to zip once I get used to wearing it. All in all, I am glad that I purchased this dress, and likely will wear it for something big. I am not sure what I have in mind, but feel a special occasion is on the way, and therefore feel that it is going to utilized for that very moment. [ Expand ]