The appearance of brooches, is not only the ornament for the Royals or the politicians to show their elegant identity before, but also become the symbolic brooch jewelry for fashion matches today. Do not overlook the function of this little gadget. Actually there are over 3 usages of brooch for women. First of all, we all use it to decorate our clothes, which is the most ordinary use of broeches and pins. But normally we just use one brooch, the next time, you can put more than two pin brooches, and trust us, that might surprise you. For example, tuck a vintage brooch to your classic sweater might looks beautiful. Then add a row of flower brooches, peal brooches or cameo brooches, your classic look levels up to stunning the chicest look immediately. Brooches can be used as ties. Tie a safety pin brooch or a dragonfly brooch to the collar of your shirts or coat. You can pick whatever patterns you like of course. So that your shirt or coat won’t look as dull as before. Brooch pins matches scarves perfectly. Let’s take the advantage of pin brooches that can get clothes fixed, so when you wearing some large scarves or capes, wear butterfly brooches so that you can move freely and have a better look with the decorated scarves. Moreover, ladies brooches are the trick to modify and change when your clothes are not slim enough. Pin a silver brooch or an antique brooch on the rear of the lower hem of the unfit clothes, you will look nature yet playful. Most importantly, nobody knows that you clothes are not fit at all. We believe that there more usages of brooches for you to discover. Shop those you like in Rosegal now!

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